How to consume fashion in a time of Covid?

How to consume fashion in a time of Covid?

It is no secret that we love fashion in all its forms and expressions at Ball Pagès.

And we understand that fashion is only another form of expression in art which we have.

But fashion can’t divorce itself from reality, from its environment. For this same reason the handmade, sustainable and traditional trends are, currently, very successful. They respond  to the current concerns of society.

And these days, neither can we live isolated from the exceptional situation which COVID 19 has brought, nor can fashion.

For this reason we want to share with you an article which is a bit different; it is about a study carried out by Tagwalk on how to consume fashion in a time of Covid-19.


What can we hope of from fashion companies in times of Covid?

Tagwalk is a fashion and trends search engine. That’s to say a specialized form of Google for fashion. Well, what a blast for those of us who are driven by fashion.

Recently, this search and trend engine has carried out a survey among online fashion consumers asking them how they see fashion during the Covid-19 situation, what they value about them and what they think will be for the future.




Here we can share with you the information which, from Ball Pagès, we found most interesting in the Tagwalker study and which responds to the worries of you, the consumer.


What should fashion brands be?

Without a shadow of doubt, consumers believe that now is the time for fashion brands to be more sustainable. But we also expect brands to be more transparent, more authentic and they are more and more concerned with the quality of the product than selling more and more.

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What do consumers look for in a fashion influencer?

Consumers are now looking for more authentic influencers, more like us. People with real jobs and who are authentic. Like everybody else.

You are looking for influencers who take a risk, no just people who do what the brands want of them, but who carry on without a predetermined route.


What experience do consumers look for in an online shop?

Consumers who do their shopping with brands’ online shops are looking for a distinct experience from that brand, different from the one they get in a mall or a physical shop.

These consumers expect more support from the brand as well, a more direct contact with the creator and maker of the product. Finally, you expect to gain advantages with your purchase which otherwise, you would not get.


What do you expect of fashion brands in the future?

Consumers demand greater openness from brands, which is to say that everybody feels welcome within the umbrella of the brand. For example; add more sizes for the product.

Consumers also expect better communication with brands. That it will be more bidirectional, more open and much more natural.

Finally, consumers believe brands should donate a %age of the price of the product to humanitarian projects, not only during a pandemic, but always.

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What do you think of these challenges that face fashion brands?

Would you add another aspect which you think fashion brands should address?

We want to hear from you!