Mediterranean products which combine aesthetics and ethics

Cala Sa Tuna in Costa Brava, Spain with traditional Ball Pagès espadrilles

Currently, there is a surge in Mediterranean products. In the last few years brands have started to create Mediterranean items which combine aesthetics with ethics. Ball Pagès, with its traditional Ibizan espadrilles, along with other brands, have bet on the creation of these Mediterranean items with aesthetics and ethics.

Sustainability has stopped being a “craze” and become an essential part of our lives. Nowadays consumers not only pay attention to the aesthetics of products that surround them, but go beyond that. The “how” and the “where” of these products is important today as much, or more so, than the “What is it like?”

In the context of the Mediterranean, and bound tightly and responsibly to its culture, aesthetically unique Mediterranean products; Items which manage to combine aesthetics and ethics. Here are some of them;


3 Mediterranean products with both aesthetics and ethics


Parament: Mediterranean products for the table


It is well known and noteworthy that Mediterranean culture has been tied endlessly to the table, so we would like to talk about PARAMENTParament items are born in Barcelona, of the need to offer essential, long-lasting, honest products conceived to create uniquely beautiful spaces around the world of the table.

From the pen of the Catalan designer, Carla Rauert, Parament offers you day-to-day Mediterranean items of immense beauty, hand-crafted using local materials. Without a doubt aesthetics with ethics.

The simplicity of each of their pieces transmits serenity, the purity of tone of each one of the colours used imprints the unique character and a carefully honed heart. 

We are real fans! There should be no table without Parament this summer or ever.

Good taste is never out of fashion!


Suro: Sustainable swimwear.


Nor is SURO’s complete dedication to the natural world around us. Suro  is also a daughter of the Mediterranean. Born on Mallorca in  2016 of the hand of Margarita Payeras, who hasn’t paused in her efforts to feed a  minimalist, timeless, elegant universe of swimwear with proposals of very distinct colours. Her working methods have seduced us, conscientious, trying to reduce the impact on the environment of each step of her project, constantly thinking of the ethics involved.

Suro’s bikinis and swimsuits are woven from fishing nets recovered from the bottom of the sea that have been recycled and transformed into cloth. Margarita exquisitely draws each and every one of her sometimes asymmetrical, versatile and very feminine pieces. Ideal for the restless woman aiming to swim between the sea and the city.

Oh yes! And the whole collection is made in Mediterranean lands.

Chapeau Suro! Chapeau!!


Pardohats: much more than hats


Which is where we go next, to talk to you about hats, in this case Pardohats, which was love at first sight. Art, design and craftsmanship unite in each of their pieces; “objects for dressing” as they are called by Sol Pardo, the creator  who hides behind this marvel. Its birthplace was also the Mediterranean, in the Barcelona of 2015 and we’ll warn you; it’s come to stay.

The aesthetic and ethical items from the Mediterranean which Pardohats conscientiously create in the real world, where the value of handmade and “made from recycled materials” reign

 Beyond the trends of crazes.

These don’t shrivel up when faced with the latest craze, they form a part of the slow fashion trend and seem to be creating a permanence in the universe in the same way a sculpture is.

This is much more than a hat; a form, culture concepts that we love!


Espardilles Ball Pagès

Marta Sa tuna

Yes ! Concept are also Ball Pagès, a pair of them complements the proposal of aesthetic and ethical Mediterranean products which we have presented to you today.

Because we also create our products responsibly and dedicated to sustainable production. We have also placed our faith in a timeless style along with clear values. Our Ball Pagès espadrilles are created in an entirely sustainable manner by craftsmen in our own little workshop on the Costa Brava.


To sum up,  imagine...

It’s a summer’s day, a clear sky with the sun beating down,
You decide to go for a swim in the seaside town.
You arrive at the breakers where your friends are waiting for you,
They’re always there for you, unconditionally,
Something permanent 
The table is laid, neat and beautiful
The meal lasts until you succumb to the siesta,
Hat in hand slowly reaching your head,
To protect you from the heat of the day, and to let you sleep,
On waking…

Get up and walk!