The most fashionable Mediterranean style for this 2021

The most fashionable Mediterranean style for this 2021 - Ball Pagès

If you identify with Mediterranean style and you want to know which are the key styles for this 2021, stay a while and we’ll tell you all about them!What are the tips for taking the Mediterranean style to a new level and the trends that will make them shine?

Firstly, knitwear is the new linen. Combinations of ribbed knitwear will become the star turns this season. In a wide range of colours but combining tops and bottoms.

In this case, we will leave you with a top and trousers in blue tones from the Paloma Wool brand which, apart from being the most comfortable, is perfect for combining with the season’s star accessories.


Paloma Wool - Ball Pagès


Natural materials are very characteristic of Mediterranean fashion, which is why this can’t be missing from your looks. We will leave you with Pardo Hats, a very interesting hat Brand which renews each and every one of its design types.


Pardo Hats - Ball Pagès


Following the renewed natural aesthetic, you can add a touch of colour with the new combinations of tones from Ball Pagès and our Ballpa model of espadrilles. On this occasion, the perfect mix of pink and red.


Espadrille BallPa


White is one of the most characteristic, significant colours along the whole Mediterranean coast, which is why it can’t be missing from your looks. You can add it with the bag from the Jane Burden. With its triangular shape, it is perfect for bringing out the originality of your outfit.


Jane Burden


We can’t finish without adding the trend of kitsch jewelry. All kinds of earrings, necklaces and rings made entirely by hand with pots of colours, with clays and an infinity of shapes and sizes. Lots of brands are betting on this kind of jewelry, but we’ll leave you with the Project Bon so that you can have some idea of such a characteristic and ever more representative style as this.


Project Bon - Ball Pagès


If your style is Mediterranean, we have no doubt that mixing these trends you’ll manage to reinvent it without losing your essence.