Tell your story through your footwear

Tell your story through your footwear - Ball Pagès

When we speak of clothing, we know that it is not just about the act of putting on our clothes. Dressing means so much more. With our clothes we transmit a message tour those who surround us and whether we are aware of it or not, we become part of a social group transmitting our ideals and personal taste.

Dressing goes far beyond following a passing trend which today may make you Rosalia’s number one fan and tomorrow a perfect fashion icon like Jane Birkin.


Tell your story through your footwear - Ball Pagès


Style is worn on the inside. It is a mix of our roots, beliefs, inspiration and ideals. At Ball Pagès we are well aware of our origins and of the message that a pair of Mediterranean espadrilles can give the world.

The story we tell with our daily image is not only thanks to that second hand skirt you bought in a flea market, or the shirt you inherited from your grandmother, which you tuck into your skirt, nor the crocheted handbag you made yourself, not even the silk scarf you tie to your pony tail. The message your clothing conveys is thanks to the synergy of all those garments.

A fundamental element in telling your story is your footwear. It is the base of our entire appearance, with which we walk along the streets, a piece which can change your message entirely.

Chameleonic espadrille

A pair of Ball Pagès espadrilles, with their ability to blend in, are the perfect complement for your image to take on strength and style. Whether you wear them with a pair of jeans, a summer skirt, a pair of flared trousers or for a wedding, a pair of Ball Pagès will write a story of sustainability, of good craftsmanship, a touch of Mediterranean style, always chic. Everything you ever needed to face the world in the way you imagined.


Tell your story through your feet - Ball Pagès


Simply because, it is always easier to tell a story, if you start from the shoe up.