Sustainable fashion, every day more present among women

Sustainable fashion, every day more present among women - Ball Pagès

A route towards a change in attitude in fashion references is opening up. We all know that fashion is at the head of the most contaminating industries in the world, creating a negative impact on the planet, and that this is in the hands of each and every one of us and we all have the power to change this.

Fast-fashion has brought us to unfettered consumption and the need to be constantly renewing our wardrobes with new acquisitions and leaving those pieces which we may have only worn once to one side, whether it is now “out of fashion” or because the quality is no good.

In counterpoint to this model of consumption was born Slow-fashion with long-lasting, high quality, emotional pieces with a story to tell and made with ethical labour behind it.

Sustainability is necessary in each and every one of the parts of the process but, above all, we need to pay great attention to the fabrication of textiles, because it is in this phase that more noxious substances for the environment are generated. As well as aiming to protect the rights of textile workers, we also use materials which are respectful in the creation of long lasting pieces.


Cordelli, the basic element of our espadrilles - Ball Pagès

Cordelli, the basic element of our espadrilles.

Sustainable fashion is the healthy way to consume, protecting the environment, the workers and the consumer while also creating pieces that are brimming with values.

The future will be feminine and sustainable

One of the challenges of the century is going to be the fight against climate change as it leaves a large environmental and social mark that the planet is demanding that we put an end to. Luckily, each day there are more of us women who look for sustainable solutions which can slow down this impact by consuming a friendly fashion.

We need to abandon the idea that sustainable fashion is akin to basic pieces which don’t follow trends to a creation process which is more sustainable and has nothing to do with the result of the product.


BALLPA Espadrille - Ball Pagès
BALLPA Espadrille.

At Ball Pagès we are convinced that fashion will be sustainable, or it will not be. It is now a reality that there are daily more of us involved in the fight. Conscientious women who bring their grains of sand so that, little by little, we can change this system to one in which the planet can be sustained.

The time has come to start consuming sustainable, responsible fashion.
And you? Will you embrace the change?