Spring Summer 2019, the basics are in vogue

The basics are in vogue

Long live the basics !

The trends in fashion for Spring summer 2019 once again take on some of the evergreen basics, key pieces which are the foundation of any wardrobe while still being elegant, chic and efficient. At Ball Pagès we’d like to talk to you about those elements that coincide most with our universe, whether it be for its simplicity or for its relationship with crafts and tradition.

The T-shirt, the simple cotton shirt, better still if it is bio and in discrete colours. Black or white is ideal. We, ourselves are inclined towards sustainable production, and have discovered thinkingMu, we are enchanted and recommend them.



Jeans, the fundamental accompaniment for bad boys in the 50s, which continued into the 60s with the hippies and adapted to the demands for comfort in the 90s. Since the noughties and in every season this garment is reinvented and adapted to the social needs and trends in fashion. For Spring - Summer 2019 jeans are being decorated with embroidery and beads, they are distressed and appear in all their tones. 

For Ball Pagès our favorite is the Acne classic in its lighter version in color.




Crafted Birkin bags. The French icon Jeanne Birkin had one in the 70s and today it is even more in vogue than ever. The handbag as an indispensable complement for that cool look, simple and outside all trends. Hand made and exquisitely simple, it brings a fresh and breezy summer look. Have no doubts, this is a special piece.



A T-Shirt, some jeans and a bag… perfect travelling companions for a pair of Ball Pagès espadrilles. Any colour can go with this winning combination, it is now down to you.


Home colors


If you want to be sure of hitting the target we would recommend our most basic model, with the Home espadrilles you’ll make no mistake and you’ll have espadrilles for years, because basics never die!!!