Glamour talks of Ball Pagès Espadrilles and their trip to Australia


Glamour, the digital fashion and beauty magazine, talks about our Ball Pagès espadrilles on its digital portal and the trend that they are creating in different countries such as Australia, France and Italy.

The magazine mentions the fascination which Ball Pagès espadrilles have created amongst the women of Australia this summer – yes, they’re enjoying their summer!

According to Glamour it is now more than common to see different models of Ball Pagès in the “Faithful the Brand lookbook and on the streets of Byron Bay


Glamour also echoed how much French women love Ball Pagès espadrilles who affirmed that they literally “adore the brand” as well as Italian women.


See model


Another grouping which yearns for Ball Pagès espadrilles, the magazine affirms, are millennial women now that they see in them the Mediterranean and Ibizan traditions brought together in a single fashion item which is created by craftsmen in a workshop in Girona” .


As Glamour affirms "Ball Pagès espadrilles don’t have a left or a right foot, but it is for the   wearer’s foot to mould them with every step”. Do you dare to step into your Ball Pagès espadrilles?