The new Banana espadrilles from Ball Pagès


At last the first warming rays of the sun on your face and that beautiful light which toasts the afternoons which look like they are never going to end. That’s it, springtime has arrived in all its splendour.

And we at Ball Pagès love the arrival of spring. This year it’s even more special we have a surprise for you all; We are delighted to present a new model of espadrilles; The Banana Espadrilles from Ball Pagès.



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This model of espadrilles is born of the inspiration from the warm days and the light which comes with these first days of spring. In designing the Banana espadrilles we aimed to reproduce these sensations through a colour that is as happy and positive as yellow.

But in Ball Pagès we never tire of experimenting with colours so, for those that want their espadrilles in other colours, you can also find these Banana espadrilles in these other colours: olive green and undyed. 

banana natural


Following our values and our commitments to the environment, we have created these espadrilles from natural sisal fibres, even using the same material for the ties.

The Banana espadrilles from Ball Pagès have an interior covering and jute soles that are protected by a leather base and TPU heels. 



New style, and new color to increase the family: Alpargatas Banana Ball Pagès.