Spring 2020; Fashion for your wardrobe (and it's sustainable!)

 Spring 2020: sustainable fashion for your wardrobe

Spring 2020 is coming and with it has come the time to fill your wardrobe with pieces that match the fashion trend for this new 2020 season.

La primavera besaba
suavemente la arboleda,
y el verde nuevo brotaba
como una verde humareda.

A. Machado

(Spring kissed
Softly the grove,
And the new green sprouted
As a green hazy smoke.)


And it is Spring which is one of the seasons most beloved by the world of fashion. Finally you can leave your jerseys behind and start to use a fresher look.

Even so, it is not easy to choose the essential garments for your spring wardrobe. To face this Spring 2020 challenge we want to help you today. And we to do so by following one of the most outstanding trends in today’s fashion; sustainability.

Do you dare?


Sustainable fashion in your wardrobe for the Spring 2020



A simple, classy top.

Leaving to one side those tops that show off your midriff,  the trend for this Spring 2020 is tops with cleavage. There are many options. From square necklines to necklines that are gathered. At Ball Pagès we especially like a top with broad straps. We couldn’t imagine a wardrobe for this spring without a couple of these tops which go with everything and which let us be comfortable and sexy at the same time.

We recommend the Rochelle top from Reformation, an Australian sustainable fashion label which creates its pieces from recycled cotton.




Jeans. They adapt to your style and go with everything.

Jeans go with everything and are timeless… For this season wide jeans with high wastes and, for the brave of heart, distressed or even elephant legs. You’ll be able to find many versions of this garment.

We especially love the classic jeans from Acne Studios, timeless jeans which you can go with everything and which will also do for those last cold days of this Spring season 2020.




The long dress. For special occasions.

In spring you like to wear distinct garments and, above all, on special occasions like festivals, a meal or a day at the beach. For these events, go with a sure-fire long dress. The long dress goes perfectly with that femininity which you can enjoy so much with women’s empowerment.

We especially recommend you to the dresses made by the Mario Malo label. This designer from Madrid has triumphed with his sustainable, fresh designs made from the fibres of plants such as bamboo.




Ball Pagès espadrilles. Finally! Free feet!

What would Spring be without that day of liberation when you can finally put your boots and shoes away and free your feet from confinement. And there’s nothing better to put in their place than Ball Pagès espadrilles.

Our flat espadrilles are a basic which go with every piece of clothing in your Spring 2020 wardrobe. With these, you can stroll the streets but also the countryside, beaches and anywhere else you wish.

You can choose between espadrilles in a happy color, black ones or with a combination of colours. You choose.

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