These are the women who inspire Ball Pagès

Women who inspire Ball Pagès

Since the beginning, at Ball Pagès, we have had been very clear that one of our goals with our flat Mediterranean espadrilles is to empower the rôle of women in our society.

With the aim of doing our bit, our values have always gone hand-in-hand with the fight for feminism and the empowerment of women.


The power of women in society

There are many women who have, in different fields and in different ways, fought to assert a feminine abilities, their voice in the world.

They have been those who have inspired us in our day-to-day lives, those who have blazed a trail and have shown us that, women also have the right to our own space.

This is why, from Ball Pagès, we wish to reassert these icons of feminism. As strong women who, expressing their femininity in different ways, fought for our rights.

We define them as #mujeresqueinspiranballpages 

Each one of them comes from different cultures and so different ways of understanding the world. Furthermore, their work and family situations are unique. But all of them together make a list of women who inspire Ball Pagès and our current society.

It is time to give them the recognition they deserve.


Women who inspire Ball Pagès


Romy Vacances 62


Romy Schneider

Tormented because her mother was an intimate of Adolf Hitler and because of the sexual harassment she suffered at the hands of her father, the German Romy Schneider (1938 – 1982) was one of those women who had to fight to maintain her strength. Her fantastic beauty and her passage through different films didn’t save her from such torment, with the dramatic death of a young son and the suicide of an ex-husband.

It is because of all this that Romy Schneider opens this list of the women who inspire Ball Pagès. 



Kazuyo Sejima nació en Ibaraki, Japón, en 1956. Es socia fundadora de SANAA, junto a Ryue Nishizawa


Kazuyo Sejima

At Ball Pagès we are lovers of art in all its forms and expressions, including architecture. And in this case we are in love with the architecture of Kazuyo Sejima. This Japanese woman plays with pure, delicate, precise, fluid lines to create contemporary buildings of an unprecedented beauty.

She won the 2010 Pritzker architecture prize but is a woman who prefers discretion. And for all this she can’t be missing from our #mujeresqueinspiranballpages.



Elena Anaya by Toni Mateu


Elena Anaya

Sometimes it seems that there is no other woman in Spanish cinema than Penelope Cruz, but there is Elena Anaya. This Spanish actress has always asserted the power of women in such a male-dominated world as cinema. As she herself states, she turned down her second role in a film because the director told her she had to show her breasts.

And because of her determined character, strong and sure of herself, Anaya is one of 
the women who inspire Ball Pagès.



Eva Zeisel Mujeres del diseño


Eva Zeisel

We often ask ourselves; Where do older women hidden in our society? Why are they silenced? This isn’t the case with Eva Zeisel, an industrial designer (yes! Even these professions can be for women!) who has dedicated herself, even after her 100th birthday, to creating and beautifying day-to-day ceramics.

Zeisel had a life that included being an author. Among the many comings and goings of her life, one of the most intriguing is when she was accused by the KGB of conspiring against Stain. Without doubt an unforgettable woman.




Kate Moss by François- Marie Banier (1994)


Kate Moss

An iconic model whose work has spanned the last 3 decades, the Briton Kate Moss was a must for the women who inspire Ball Pagès. She showed us that fashion is not just about clothes and that models are not just mannequins.

Her work will be remembered beyond the catwalks of the world. She has also demonstrated her strength in different situations which have confirmed her recognition as a strong and independent woman.





Emma Watson

The British actress Emma Watson has become one of the women most involved in the feminist fight. Much more than just an actress, Emma has fought so that the opinions of women can be heard, their bodies not sexualised and that women can have the same opportunities in the world of education just as much as the world of work.

If you still haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Emma in her speech in front of the UN in September 2014 now’s the time.



Capture d’écran 2019-06-10 à 12.26.09


Greta Thunberg

We don’t want to close this list of the women who inspire Ball Pagès without mentioning the younger generations. And, even though she seems to be a topic all to herself, we have to include Greta Thunberg. And for many reasons.

Still in the transition from girl to woman, Greta has shown us that it is possible to live with Asperger’s Syndrome and have a brilliant career. She has also shown us (does she need to show us once again?) the power of activism. And, without a doubt, she has become one of the most powerful voices in the debate about climate change.

Without a doubt Greta has had to confront her demons, but her strength has taken her forward to fight and inspire an entire generation, or rather the whole world.




And we are also inspired by; women like you.

We don’t want to finish without giving a mention to all those women who, in their day-to-day lives, have also contributed to the empowerment of women. Working women who, with their everyday battles, inspire us, blaze the trail, show us that it is possible.


You, me and she.
We all form part of this movement.
The future is feminine!


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