Fashion inspired by the Mediterranean

Fashion inspired by the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean sea is much more than sun and beaches, Its coast, people, climate and narrative bring with them an evocative image and inspire a tremendous harmony.

You could be lost on a Mediterranean island like Ibiza or on the islands of the Dodecanese or from one of the emblematic Coasts like the Costa Brava in Spain or the Costa Amalfi in Italy, it is easy to find inspiration in its magic.

Artist, artisans and designers, among others, have always known how to find this Mediterranean inspiration and have captured it in their creations.


The fashion of Mediterranean inspiration

And, because there really is no way of avoiding it, fashion has also been inspired by the Mediterranean world. There are plenty of fashion labels which have the Mediterranean in their DNA, in their clothing and their accessories.

To recognise the seal of the Mediterranean on fashion, you only need to look at the characteristic features of this sea. From its colours, coasts and climate, through to its traditions and cultural roots, this is Mediterranean fashion.


Coasts and colours

Blues, turquoises, whites and corals, but also greens, straw colours and browns are the colours we can find along the coasts of the Mediterranean. And the combination of these colours are captured in the pieces of clothing that remind us of the Mediterranean countryside.


Ball Pagès
Sustainable, handmade flat espadrilles inspired by the heart of Ibiza.



Delicately designed bathing and casual clothing taking its inspiration from the Island of Formentera.



Rural traditions; fishing, working the fields and hand crafting among others, define the way of life lived by the people of the Mediterranean coast. In Ibiza, and without needing to go any further, we find the ball pagès, a traditional rural dance from which the label Ball Pagès took its name.

For all of this, it is not difficult to imagine the use of local materials made by hand, the sustainability and the quality which have always been a mark of the Mediterranean tradition.


Bags and accessories inspired by the crafts and cultures of the Mediterranean coasts of Alicante. Hand died and woven in antique cloth.



You can’t forget the cultural roots that bathe the Mediterranean sea. Without a doubt, another of the sources of inspiration for Mediterranean fashion at the moment.

From Classical Greek culture, followed by its Roman Heritage and the importance of the Alexandria metropolis, these have left a legacy which is difficult to ignore. And this influence is reflected in labels whose designs are equally simple and classical.


Born on the island of Mallorca and closely tied to the arts, Cortana creates Mediterranean fashion in all its meanings.


Our love of the Mediterranean is,