The colours of the mediterranean

Colors of the mediterranean, the inspiration for Ball Pagès espadrilles

They say that we all perceive colours differently that they have the ability to transform our experiences just as much as our memories of smells and sounds, and that, combined perfectly, can create truly satisfactory harmonies for our eyes.

Sometimes you need to stop for a second, just to contemplate your surroundings, and what better moment than when we are lazing on a beach towel or swimming in the sea off one of the Mediterranean beaches?


The Mediterranean as inspiration

No matter the beach, the Mediterranean paints its entire coast in characteristic colours which inspires anybody who lays eyes on it. It is a perfect mixture of tradition, nature, tones and freedom.

Without a doubt, the Mediterranean Sea is one the greatest sources of inspiration for Ball Pagès. We try to reflect all that we perceive through our savoir faire; one of our great strengths is our ability to transfer those hues directly from the scenery to our espadrilles.


Sa Tuna, Begur · Red Beach, Santorini · Tonnara di Scopello, Sicilia · Ses Illetes, Formantera


Our colours:

- White: from those coastal towns, from the whitewashed walls, from the seagulls overhead and from the waves breaking on the shore.  Inspiration for: Espadrille Doble Cross 

- Straw: from the metres and metres of sand, from the rays of the sun which bronze your skin, the candles and the sailboats which drift over the sea. Inspiration for: Espadrille Calada P.

- Blue: From the waters which Paint the sea which, with the myriad depths, creates an infinity of tones which merge at the horizon with the blue of the sky. Inspiration for: Espadrille Acapulco

- Coral: from volcanic rocks which, mixed with the blue of the sea create unworldly vistas, and from the reserves of red coral of its depths. Inspiration for:  Espadrille Home Color Coral

- Turquoise: from the transparency of its waters over bright sands. Inspiration for: Espadrille Home Color Turquesa.

- Browns and Greens: From all the countryside which surrounds the Mediterranean coast, creating perfect contrasts with the sea, mountains and vegetation. Inspiration for: Espadrille Banana

- Grey: From the rocks where the waves break with such power and from the perfectly rounded stones arrive at your feet on the sand and which you collect on every trip. Inspiration for: Espadrille Doble Calada H



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The hues of which come to us from The Mediterranean will never be out of fashion. Just like the hand-crafted espadrilles from Ball Pagès which allow you to see that the world is coloured in the hue in which you want to see it.