Basics in your cae for a Summer look

Which look where for this summer? Basics from Ball Pagès

The summer holidays are just around the corner and we are sure that this year they’ll be memorable. August comes loaded; with lazy swims in the best bays around the Mediterranean, with walks along the sand, the exclusive fashion trends, enchanting bar terraces where you can have an aperitif at tables draped in checkered cloth, and the possibility of disconnecting from it all for a few days lazing on the beach and eating coconut and cool watermelon.

No matter the beach you escape to, we’d like to make it easy for you to prepare your case and help with some basics for your luggage, so that you have the perfect summer look, mixing comfort, fashion and craftsmanship.



Organic Futah towel  · Kaleos sunglasses  · Ballpagès banana Espadrilles  · Faithfull the Brand print dress · Après ski earrings · Lack of Color Hats · Pale swimwear Bikini · Mimeyo Baskets


At long last! Now you are ready to enjoy your holidays with this unique looks that combines straw, yellows and greens which create a perfect harmony from head to toe.

Objects in harmony, with tradition, with a style all of their own… So, too, does the Mediterranean clothe itself each time the summer returns, peering out of our houses, doors and terraced bars. You take with you something authentic, so let’s hope that you like this summer outfit which we suggest for you.

You will stand out like never before, taking with you the most fashionable colours for this season.


banana natural

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