Craftmanship is in fashion

Craftmanship is in fashion

Running parallel with the era of fast fashion, crafted fashion has also been taking giant steps forward. This conscientiously crafted, laborious manual work confers authenticity to these products.

When we talk of artistry and handmade, they are filled with the real value of those products. Values such as quality, timelessness, emotion and even a new luxury.

This style of production means that each piece that is created is totally unique, impart many storie and allow you to connect far more with the object itself.

As a result, craftsmanship is fashionable and here we can connect you to some brands which have provided these values  and which, we are sure, will enchant you just as much.


Cuquetesdesign: Crafted bags

Working with raw fibres harvested by artisans to keep alive the skills of the past and so not lose the manual techniques acquired by our ancestors.

The result is these magnificent, unique esparto bags which you can fill with all your things but which already have so much history inside them.



Let's pause: decorative objects

This interior decoration brand uses materials such as esparto, poplar wood and cane to createdecorative objects that are free of artificial treatments. All of them are made by hand.

We love their magnificent laps with their entirely artisanal aesthetic that fills any corner with light.



Ferrandizsol: hand crafted knitwear

We are talking here about a brand that comes from Murcia and aims to create unique and timeless pieces through the use of natural materials and entirely artisanal techniques.

One of the star exhibits the 100% artisanal jumpsuits with long braids sewn with cotton thread from Lorca. You wouldn’t want to take it off all summer!



Ball Pagès crafted espadrilles

And what’s there to say about our craftsmen?

With absolutely traditional techniques, they transfer all the quality, craftsmanship and authenticity to our Ball-Pagès espadrilles, creating the perfect balance between luxury and craftsmanship. Creating and transforming a pair of authentic espadrilles in an entirely Mediterranean style into a unique object of fashion.