New Ball Pagès for kids: enjoy them with your children.


At Ball Pagès we are delighted to be able to announce that our new TRADITION IS FUN! Collection of Ball Pagès espadrilles for children is now available.

This collection of espadrilles is aimed at the smallest members of your household. For them, we have adapted our traditional Ball Pagès espadrilles, which we learnt to make in the heart of Ibiza, to fit the feet of boys and girls.


Why make Ball Pagès espadrilles for kids?

At Ball Pagès we have never closed the doors on new ideas and, as a result, our workshop is a little, creative laboratory, a refuge to set our imaginations free.

This is why, since we conceived our first idea of Ball Pagès espadrilles for children, we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads.

It seemed a marvelous idea to us.



We believe that the feet of the little ones are also entitled to enjoy footwear with character that at the same time allows them to run, jump, play and have fun.

We also value very positively that the little ones at home experience, for themselves, the mixture of tradition and innovation of the Ball Pagès, that is to say the savoir-faire.


How is TRADITION IS FUN, the new Ball Pagès for children?

The TRADITION IS FUN! espadrilles Ball Pagès for children wants to give the freedom and comfort that all the little ones look for in their footwear.

Ball Pagès espadrilles for children have been created to fit the feet of children. In this way children do not notice at any time that their shoes are different from others.

FUN espadrilles are unisex.


See model


For each Ball Pagès for kids which we craft we would ask that you send us the exact dimensions of the feet of the child. This allows us to adjust the espadrilles even better as well as a better personalisation when we build them up.

In the TRADITION IS FUN! collection you will be able to find two models of espadrille; Basic Kids Espadrilles and Home Kids Espadrilles. Both of them in different colours and sizes.  


See model


Now you can enjoy your Ball Pagès espadrilles with your children!