Ball Pagès, the fashion espadrille par excellence

 Espadrilles Mediterranean fashion and handmade Ball Pagès

Tell me which shoes you wear, and I’ll tell you who you are. What you wear on your feet says much about you.

And it’s because there is no accessory that you wear that brings more memories to mind , no vivid moments than a good pair of shoes. Even more so if we talk about fashion espadrilles to wear some hot summer day.


What’s behind Ball Pagès fashion espadrilles?

We could define them as a perfect balance between luxury, fashion, tradition and craftsmanship. Thanks to our artisans, we have been able to come up with the perfect recipe that allows you to stroll along the streets looking perfect from head to toe.


Luxury, tradition and fashion in Ball Pagès’ espadrilles.

We talk about luxury thanks to the artisanal process which is hidden behind every pair of espadrilles. We transform you back to their origins, taken there by the manual processes, the quality and the use of artisanal techniques in every pair.

For the tradition of their Ibizan roots; You need to know where you’re coming from if you want to see new, interesting vistas ahead.

And the fashion to be able to create the modern yet traditional one piece footwear. That has such a background laden with design.

All of this means that Ball Pagès have triumphed as fashion espadrilles.



The basics are always there mixed with the most daring trends from each season making these espadrilles the fashion par excellence.

Whether they be with colours, materials or forms. Each and every one of them made in our atelier with a handmade sole and the philosophy of Mediterranean life which permanently inspires us.




Espadrilles that never go out of fashion and adapt to your feet day after day. Mix and match them with your favourite denims, with that vintage dress that you love so much, which you enormous knitted jersey or your striped swimsuit. All of them match.

This much you already know, wear some to step out on the town!

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