It Magazine is interested in the Ball Pagès project


It, the Spanish online fashion magazine, is well known as one of the principle online magazines in the country. The publication is used to showing us fashion projects and possibilities that are stimulating for both the eyes and the mind.

This is why, when It interviewed Ball Pagès last June and showed interest in our label, our philosophy and values as well as our espadrilles, we felt that we were more than fortunate.




In that interview It asked us about our little workshop in the town of Arbúcies, in the province of Girona (Spain). We told them that there, with a group of ladies, we craft our Ball Pagès espadrilles, plaiting the sisal by hand.




Each pair of Ball Pagès espadrilles is unique. This is why, we explain to the magazine, “Ball Pagès shoes don’t have a left or right foot, you have to give them time to adapt to the foot of each user”.

Sisal, the extremely strong natural material with which we weave and cover our Ball Pagès which you wear, is a natural material but our aim is to “make it resist the passage of time”.   



Ball Pagès espadrilles have reclaimed the Ibizan ancestral techniques. There, Gemma Serra learnt how to make the traditional Ibizan sandals from this Mediterranean island.

Starting from there, she started to make modifications. The objective? “Take them away from their Ibizan context […] and bring them into the city, giving them new, timeless, elegant breath”.