Vogue visits us in our workshop


We are very grateful to VOGUE  magazine for visiting us in our little studio or, as we call it ourselves, our atelier.


Without doubt, the atelier is the heart of the production of our Ball-Pagès espadrilles. There, as we could show VOGUE, the Ball Pagès espadrilles are, in steps, imagined, designed and finally produced. 

This is why we can affirm that “It is not a factory, nor a production workshop. It is an atelier (translator’s note; artist’s workshop). We wished to preserve part of the existing fabric of the building, like the antique washbasins, the tables, the mirrors and some of the chairs. You can breathe a very different feeling in there”


The fashion magazine VOGUE was also interested in the creative process for our Ball-Pagès espadrilles. We explained that in our espadrilles "There isn’t even a single pair of espadrilles that is the same as another. It depends on who made the cordelli [the plaits of the cordels – or cords], their thickness, the craftsman who put on the covering and how the paint was mixed."



Finally Ball Pagès espadrilles are also "unique pieces, imperfect. Imperfect in the sense of  'not finished' because it is the person who wears them who gives them their left foot and the form of the right foot. Whoever wears them participates in the process".




Many thanks to VOGUE for coming to see our little atelier and how we produce our Ball Pagès espadrilles.