A lovely madness recommends Ball-Pagès


A lovely Madness, one of the most influential beauty, fashion, lifestyle, culture and interior design blog, recommends Ball Pagès espadrilles as the latest trend for this summer 2015.

The blog is now used showing us the latest trends and the must haves for each season in the fashion world. Without doubt, their recommendations are elegant and very stylish. At Ball Pagès we are therefore very happy to have our espadrilles named in their must haves for this summer season 2015.




In their article Ball-Pagès espadrilles, fashionista obsession for this summer the espadrille is highlighted for its beautiful tilt towards our roots as well as for the delicious style and elegance that they have. 




On the other hand, the blog underlines the calming, natural style that the Ball Pagès espadrilles have, their Ibizan character and their production; natural and entirely hand made in Spain.




At Ball-Pagès we are very happy that the girls at A Lovely Madness love our Ibizan espadrille models. Undoubtedly we work so that fashion and authenticity come together in the designs of our Ball-Pagès espadrilles.