Ball Pagès, awarded best label in the national artisan prizes

Ball Pagès, awarded best label in the national artisan prizes

This past 11th December we, at Ball Pagès, were given the award for the best artisanal label by the Generalitat de Catalunya* through Artesania Catalunya.

We are very satisfied and delighted with this magnificent achievement as it reflects the importance of a job well done.

This encourages us even more to keep going and to continue offering our products to people who value craftsmanship.



What do they say about us?

Catalan Partnership for Artisanal Trade and Fashion - “Paired words like tradition and modernity, nature and architecture, craftsmanship and art, and solidarity and involvement, these are concepts which constitute the basis of Ball Pagès, elements which they work with to inscribe their footwear into and over time…”

Diari de Girona  - “Serra added that “we are betting on sustainable production and a clear, conscientious business management, working with the Kakolum charity and backing the fight for sexual equality” Ball Pagès sells espadrilles in different shops and now their project is to push their online sales.

La Republica  - “A young label that is well positioned and which doesn’t forget quality, dedicated to the design and production of espadrilles that are inspired by the Ibizan traditional dances.”

La Vanguardia  - “The Ball Pagès company has taken the Prize for the Best Artisan Brand…”

Regio 7  - “Ball Pagès, with a workshop in Arbúcies, Girona, designs makes and distributes handmade espadrilles inspired by the traditional Ibizan dances with the aim of keeping the Mediterranean tradition alive, just as much sharing the object as the savoir faire and promoting the whole beyond its own borders.



We’d like to thank our magnificent artisans, the art they hold in their hands as well as the whole Ball Pagès team, friends and family who work with us and support us to keep on growing from day to day.

Finally, and by no means least, we’d like to thank our faithful followers and you, and you and you who right now are reading this post, whether you’ve just met us or have been following us for some time.

None of this would have been possible without each and every one of you.

Thank you very much, happy holidays, we are leaving with very happy memories :)


*Translator’s note; The Generalitat de Catalunya is the government of Spain’s autonomous region of Catalunya