Ball Pagès at the 080 fashion week 2020 in Barcelona

Ball Pagès and Lera Mamba at 080 fashion week in Barcelona

On the 3rd of February, together with Lera Mamba, the fashion label created by Marta Pujol, Ball Pagès were shown at Barcelona’s 080 fashion week.

Marta has worked with the Ball Pagès label for many years now and continues to choose our espadrilles to shod her ‘Factor 50’ collection at the 080 fashion week in Barcelona.

ball pages-at-080-fashion-week-in-barcelona-with-lera-mamba

Lera Mamba creations with Ball Pagès at the 080 fashion week 2020 in Barcelona


Marta Pujol, just as much as all our team, is quite clear on the importance of fashion being sustainable and respectful of the environment. None of us see a route for fashion that doesn’t take our planet into account.

As Marta states very well in an interview which she had with El punt Avui+ “It’s obvious that every label that is created today needs to be respectful of the world, with the environment, now that fashion is the number one or two polluting industry. And there is a lot of excess. If you want to sell a piece, you don’t need to create 2000”.

This then, is how Lera Mamba, just like Ball Pagès, shares the essence of unique, exclusive and personalized fashion product creation, that wagers on sustainable fashion and on unique products with a special charm for the buyer.

At Ball Pagès we show the creation process for our espadrilles to anyone who wants to know so that they can discover the origin and how they are made by hand by each one of our artisans.

We are betting on a label that empowers women and which also takes into account the social factor. Which is why we work with the Kakolum foundation in its Give Back project.

Do you want to know more about us? Don’t hesitate to visit our store and write to us if you have the opportunity. We promise to write back with lots of love!