Miriam Lasserre recommends Ball Pagès


The stylist, fashionist and fashion coach, Miriam Lasserre recommends Ball Pagès espadrilles for the Spring Summer 2017 season and as basic espadrilles for your wardrobe. 



Miriam Lasserre, with more than 10 years working in the fashion industry, has dedicated her life to Personal shopping since 2010. So, when Miriam Lasserre recommends the Ball Pagès brand and recognises our espadrilles as "contemporary and original sandals and espadrilles, designed in a trendy boho-chic style, with respect to traditional local craft techniques" we are especially pleased.




Miriam says that, whenever she wears her Ball Pagès espadrilles, people ask her where she bought them. 




When talking about the Ball Pagès brand, Lasserre points out their versatility. In her own words  "these espadrilles are a basic that will match all your summer outfits!"

Ball Pagès espadrilles not only combine with summer clothing but can also be worn in other environments. Miriam says that the espadrilles "are obviously super cute witth your holiday looks, but I love to wear mine with city outfits too (like suit pants and a blazer) because I love contrast of styles!"



Many thanks, Miriam Lasserre, for recommending our Ball Pagès espadrilles.