Ball Pagès and other local fashion brands you should know


In its fashion section El Pais, the spanish journal, claimed "The label  "Made in Spain" is synonymous with quality", and we at Ball Pagès couldn’t agree more.

There are brands from the peninsula which are not only pure luxury for quality, design and creativity but also values, styles and personality. These brands offer a more than interesting alternative in our field.


The 3 fashion local brands that rocks:


Ball Pagès espadrilles: Ibizan savoire-faire

So, at Ball Pagès we are very happy that our Ibizan style espadrilles come out in second place in  "the definitive guide to knock out national clothing and complements (and others) for their quality designs" put together by El Pais.



In El Pais’ fashion section Ball Pagès’ espadrilles are described as "the perfect complement for summer". At Ball Pagès we believe in the savoir-faire of traditional techniques which were taught us by the women of Ibiza, and from there we create an espadrille with a result which "transforms the classic espadrille into a truly unique, special piece".

But at the same time, for us it is a complete luxury to be able to share the luxury of being in this definitive El Pais guide with such well known fashion brands. So we can’t miss the opportunity to recommend two brands that we love;


Cortana; timeless designs


Cortana is a clothing company by designer Rosa Esteve. With Mediterranean influences and made in Barcelona, the label creates designs that are the embodiment of delicacy and purity using materials such as silk, cotton and linen. On top of this, they pay special attention to sustainability and a dedication to the natural world which is reflected in their creations.

Without a doubt, values which we absolutely share.


Bohodot swimwear: Plain and printed, modern and classic


We also love the personality of the swimwear from the brand Bahodot, 100% made in Barcelona from locally produced materials. Their swimsuits and bikinis have a retro style which reminds you of the 50s. This label finds quality in the little touches to create a product that is aimed at someone who knows how to appreciate quality, design craftsmanship. We love them!


Come, discover the talent in our local fashion industry, and enjoy it!